Thursday, November 16, 2017

Grade 1 Codes

Grade one students are learning the basics of coding and some coding vocabulary.

We practiced using the following commands:

They followed the tutorial below using the code: cis1a, cis1b or cis1c

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Grade 4 Body Systems Websites

Grade 4 have completed their body sytem websites.  They linked their website to the grade level website below.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


TumbleBooks is an online, animated collection of talking picture books .  Tumble Readables is also an online collection of read-along titles for upper primary students.  We have our own subscriptions which can be accessed at school.

You can find Tumblebooks on the PYP ICT Blog.

We checked out the home page and the 'Tumblesearch' page where we could search by subject, title and even author!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Grade 5 Prezi Assessments

Grade 5 is using Prezi for thier final assessment on Beliefs and Values.  They used the example Prezi below as a reference and followed the checklist and guidelines provided by their teachers.

Checklist and Guidelines

Grade 5 Prezi Links

Grade 5 Prezi

PYP-5 is learning about Prezi, an online tool used to create interactive presentations.

First, they signed up for an education account:
  1. Sign-up here

  1. Use your account as your email address

  1. Use the following information to complete the school details:
    • School name: Copenhagen International School
    • City: Hellerup
    • Country: Denmark
    • Website address:
    • password: your Gmail password 
  2. Log-in to your email account and verify Prezi application
Once you have confirmed your account, watch the tutorial below about using Prezi.

Hangouts Challenge!

Grades 3 students are learning how to use Google Hangouts chat function.  They used the form below to get to know a classmate using only the chat with no talking.  Let's see who can submit the form correctly first!  The next challenge is to get as many Hangouts partners as you can.


  • Log into Gmail so that Hangouts is open
  • Quietly find someone with whom to partner
  • Open the Google form below in a tab and fill it out by asking the questions over the Hangout talking!
  • Once you and your partner have answered all of the questions for each of you, you BOTH submit your form
  • Find a new partner (quietly) and repeat the activity again with your new partner.
  • REMEMBER, you are filling out the answers for your partner and they are filling out the answers for you

Check out the results below:

Monday, November 6, 2017

Grade 5 Codes - Looping

Lesson 3: Looping
  • The action of doing something over and over again
Follow the three looping activities on by clicking on the image below.

When you complete the activities, you may try out the online coding games listed below: